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Feed Sam Response to COVID-19 READ MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to have my food delivered?
There is no delivery fee charged on all orders over $99.99…that’s right FREE DELIVERY!
All orders between $50.00 and $99.99 are charged a $5.99 delivery fee.
All orders under $49.99 will be charged an $9.99 delivery fee.
In home delivery is $3.99 in addition to the standard delivery. In home delivery is free for all subscribers 65 and over if to option is selected.
***Feed Sam drivers do not accept tips on any deliveries***
When and how often do you bill my CC?
Feed Sam processes all CC transactions 10 days prior to delivery. We only process your CC for your next delivery.
Will my price change without prior notice?
Product prices may change, however if your subscription item(s) price is changing we will notify you 14 days in advance of your next delivery (4 days prior to your CC being billed) to allow you the time to make a decision as to whether you will (1) accept the price change, (2) change product or (3) discontinue our service. Acceptance will be considered given to any price changes if no alternative product is selected or you cancel your service. At no time will Feed Sam debit your CC to adjust your billing if there is a price change after product has been paid for. If there is a price reduction Feed Sam will not notify you, however you will receive the lower price and you can locate your receipts in your members area on the website.
How long is a subscription and can I cancel?
Your subscription will run until you decide to cancel. This means your subscription could be a month or it could be for 10 years…YOU DECIDE! No hassle online cancelation needs to be done 21 days prior to your next delivery, however if for any reason you need to cancel after this time just contact your local store.
Do you carry all brands or a particular brand?
We carry almost all the brands your pet already loves. If you find that we do not carry what you already use let us know and we can look into finding that product for you.
What if I’m not home?
No problem…you simply place your supplied nondescript bin outside and we will secure your product in this bin in your designated area (you will designate where the bin will be in your Account Area). These bins will protect your product from the weather and any marauding neighborhood pets and pests.
Can I pick the food up someplace if I will not be home on my delivery day?
You can! We have pet stores in every city we deliver in. Stop by we LOVE meeting new customers and hearing all about your pets! Check out our Store Location & Hours page (found on the How It Works page).
Can I return product if my pet will not eat it?
Absolutely! We will take most products back for any reason. Simply return the unused portion to your most convenient store location and we would be happy to help you find something which may be more suitable. (Excluding Raw Product, no more than 50% of product can be consumed.)
How often can I have my food delivered?
We deliver to most neighborhoods weekly. You can choose a frequency of a delivery every week and all the way up to every 12 weeks. When setting your delivery schedule keep in mind that you will want to try and capture the discounted delivery fees by having your subscription total over $49.99 or $99.99 so perhaps a delivery every 6 weeks would be better for you than every 3 weeks.
Can I choose which day I am delivered to?
You can choose which day you would like to receive your first delivery when you first sign up, however after this you will move to your dedicated day of the week.
What happens if I need to change the delivery date?
We advise that you start your frequency more often than you may think you are going to be using the service, then after a few months if you are sure you could extend out an extra week you can always extend your delivery frequency. You can change your frequency of delivery as often as you like, however we do need 14 days notice prior to your next delivery to change your frequency.
Can I change my order?
You can change your order in your account area in several ways.
● You can make a one time change to your subscription order. (Fido usually gets chicken, however you feel like spoiling Fido so you decide to treat him with Salmon).
● You can change all future subscription deliveries. (Fido has gotten a little older and you would like to change all future orders from chicken to a senior diet).
● You would like to add to your current subscription. (Fido has a new little friend named Fluffy and you now need to add Cat Food and Litter to your subscription).
● You can add any Food, Treat, Supplement or Litter to your next subscription deliver. This is a one time delivery and would only apply to the next delivery.
All changes must be made 14 days prior to your next scheduled delivery.
How do you keep the food safe once placed on my doorstep?
Your product will be delivered in a nondescript bin with your first delivery, for each subsequent delivery you will then place this bin in a location outside your home, simply tell us in the members section (My Subscription/Manage Subscription) where this location is and our drivers will zip tie your product inside. Our bins will keep other pets and pests out, as well as keeping mother nature from destroying your product with rain and snow. We do recommend finding a location to place your empty bin where there is shelter from the wind, we also recommend placing a heavy object in the bin to hold it in place. To avoid porch pirates, we recommend securing your bin to a fence or placing the bin out of sight.
Can I use my own bin?
We do not deliver to any bin that is not provided by Feed Sam and your delivery will be treated as though no bin was provided.
What if I forget to put my bin out?
If your bin is not in your designated location. Our drivers will place your product in a new bin, however a $20 fee will be added to your next order. If you return the bin to a local Feed Sam retail store in good condition, we will refund the fee.
Do you deliver Raw Frozen Food?
We do offer and deliver Raw Frozen Food. All of these deliveries are scheduled late in the day and if the weather requires it we will deliver this product with freezer packs, however we do recommend that you have someone at home on your delivery day by 5 PM to ensure the product is not left out. If you are not able to be home we recommend that you place a cooler out in place of the standard bin to help keep product frozen. If you place a cooler out just let us know by either contacting your local store or through your members section (place instruction in bin placement directions).
How do Sam Bucks work?
You will receive between 10% and 2% back in "Sam Bucks" on all of your online and in-store purchases. You do not need to accumulate any minimums before you begin spending your Sam Bucks and this is not a point system, 1 Sam Buck is worth $1.00. Sam Bucks can be used to purchase anything we offer either in-store or online.
Do you have a best price guarantee?
We are confident in our pricing, however if someone does beat our pricing, we will match it, you just need to take a photo of the regular price of an item and submit it to us or give us the URL of the page you found the pricing on and we will honor that price. We cannot match prices advertised at clearance, liquidation or other special events. We cannot match “free with purchase” offers, “buy one get one free” offers or rebates. We cannot match sale prices or prices advertised on Amazon, eBay, other auction sites or closeout/discount sites. Competition delivery fees will be calculated into the sale price of any online pricing.
Do I still get a free bag?
You will receive 1 free bag after purchasing 12 on most products. This is a Manufacturers loyalty program and if your current food supplier keeps your card or statement they must give it to you if asked ...including Feed Sam!