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G's Organic Solutions

G's Formula

Digestive Aid for Dogs

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Does your dog exhibit any of these behaviours?

  • Inconsistent stool (soft or mucous covered some days, hard and dry stool on others)
  • Fluctuating appetite or nausea
  • Vomiting and or diarhea
  • Over exuberant grass or dirt eating
  • Poor quality coat or tendency to skin allergies
  • Bad breath unrelated to dental issues

G’s Formula is a patented, organic, non-GMO, whole food digestive aid designed to heal and support a healthy digestive tract. We use only human grade, certified organic ingredients. No fillers, chemicals or additives are used; just food, the way nature intended. Our ingredients are dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure natural enzymes required for digestion are not destroyed.

Research indicates that dogs have a high rate of gastric issues including acidosis, colon distension (bloated belly), leaky gut syndrome and an ulcer frequency of up to 57%. Owners might notice ongoing tummy discomfort, poops that are sometimes normal looking but at other times are too soft may be mucous coated and even diarrhea and/or vomiting with no explanation. Often these dogs have food sensitivities, skin problems (chronic scratchers) or other immune system disorders and no diet change ever solves the issue permanently.

Through extensive research we have formulated a natural whole food supplement that is able to heal the digestive cells and mucosa, reducing inflammation and allowing absorption of macro and micro nutrients required for optimal health.

Ingredients: Blend of Red, White and Green Cabbage, Oat Flour, Carrots, Hemp Meal, Diatomaceous Earth.